Cleaning Vinyl Siding

“You chose vinyl siding for your house, Congratulations! It will not flake or rot like wood, and it can look like brand new with very little effort. When vinyl siding is exposed to external factors like extreme weather conditions, mold or just starts looking dull with a pile of dust and dirt over it, it is time for cleaning. It is known to be one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects there is. Whether the texture of your siding is smooth or grooved it is important to understand how to clean vinyl siding. A little bit of preparation is needed before you begin the actual cleaning process. Make sure you have covered any light fixtures, moved the outdoor furniture, put plastic sheets over the plants and identified any mold stains. Once the prep work is done you are ready to start the cleaning…”

Cleaning Vinyl Siding Overview

What kind of chemical solution to use for cleaning vinyl siding or even whether to use just regular soap and water depends on various factors like how much time you have on hand to do the job or what kind of device you are planning to use for the cleaning process. The first option is using a pressure washer. You can rent it for a reasonable charge on a daily basis. Most people prefer the pressure washer for cleaning vinyl siding because of its efficiency and ease of use. You can also add any cleaning solution into the pressure washer feed. But an important thing to consider before you opt for a pressure washer for this job is that these gadgets generate extremely high water pressure and can damage the sidings if not used properly. Appropriate safety precaution need to be taken, also the selection of the right nozzle size is very vital; a 25 degree nozzle is considered ideal for maximum coverage without damaging the siding. The use of ladders should be avoided while using these washers. Make sure that using power washers will not void the warranties on the siding as these have been known to cause pitting, holes, mold, and other warranty-voiding issues. The second option is using a garden hose for cleaning vinyl siding. This device is not as effective but often more manageable than a pressure washer. The addition of cleaning solution directly to the water is not a viable option for this kind of option.

Whether you are using a garden hose or a pressure washer here are a few things to remember while cleaning your vinyl siding. A job like this should ideally be done on an overcast or cloudy day; this will prevent you from washing a hot, sunlit wall. Plan to work on small 4 by 4 square foot areas. Always, start the cleaning from the top, as you would not want the grime and dust to smear on the clean area. When scrubbing the siding, do so gently to avoid scratches or destroying the texture. Check with your manufacturer for any cleaning kits. Once you keep these things in mind, cleaning vinyl siding can be an easy and fun job.