Vinyl Siding Repair

The home remains very beautiful year after year when it is covered with vinyl siding. The problem arises when your siding becomes brittle because of cold weather and cracks or breaks apart. The siding can also become damaged from a sudden impact causing the need for repair. Making a repair can be done very easily without much cost by the homeowner or an expert can come in and do the repairs for you. The professionals will charge you a bit more because they are providing the labor but it is worth it to get your home looking beautiful again.

Tools for Vinyl Siding Repair

There are certain tools needed for vinyl siding repair that will make the job much easier and go a lot faster. You will first need to select a piece of matching siding for the area you plan on fixing. First, you should check with the contactor who originally did the siding installation to see if they have the right color for your home. You will find that some home improvement stores carry the brand of siding you have so you are able to get your replacement piece at a much cheaper rate.
Now that you have obtained the matching piece of siding, you will need some of the following items.

•Zip Tool for vinyl siding
•A pair of snips for tin
•Pry Bar
•Claw Hammer
•Nails that are galvanized
•Utility Knife
•You should include a straight edge that is metal or a carpenter’s square

Proper Steps In Vinyl Siding Repair

When you start to work with the vinyl siding, you should notice that it is very flexible moving in variations in the outside temperature. The siding relies on the fact that it interlocks at both bottom and top to obtain its tightness. This process is the secret to removing and replacing damaged pieces. It is necessary to use your zip tool to remove any damaged pieces from the home. You want to make sure that you have all damaged pieces removed and the area cleared in order to put the new pieces back into place.

The next step is to measure your siding pieces in order to fit them back into place. You will need your hammer and the galvanized nails in order to put in the new pieces of vinyl siding. It is very important to make sure that you leave space about the size of a dime between the nail head and the siding. You do not want the nails to be driven into the nail hem. You will find that once you have the old siding removed that repairing vinyl siding is very easy to do. You just need to make sure that you have a matching piece of siding, the proper tools, and plenty of time in order to complete the repair. Often it only takes one or two pieces of vinyl siding to make necessary repairs. When you find that, the repair is much bigger then you may want to get the help of a friend or family member to assist you.