How to Fix Loose Vinyl Siding

How to fix loose vinyl siding that's bowed, sagging, or warped.

Vinyl siding really is a beautiful long-lasting cost effective exterior cladding. However, like all things in life, problems can happen, especially with vinyl siding. In the photo above was a vinyl siding repair I did for a home owner after we had one heck of a Nor’easter. The winds and rain were whipping around in every direction imaginable. This photo clearly illustrates some common problems with vinyl siding that many home owners face in high-wind storms. Most importantly, the type of vinyl siding in this photo is that of a builder-grade, which is the thinnest vinyl siding on the market — 0.42 thickness rating. Translation? The thinner the vinyl material is, the less wind resistance it will have. Sometimes it does come back to a faulty siding installation.

How To Fix Loose Vinyl Siding

Here’s the fun part — it’s a really simple fix that any do-it-yourself type person can handle with some simple tools. The siding repair in the photo above took me roughly 15 minutes to fix! Most of that time was taking my ladder off of my truck and positioning it in place to repair. For someone that hasn’t done this type of vinyl siding repair before would be look at a time frame of no more than an hour to repair. If your vinyl siding isn’t cracked or damaged in someway, this project shouldn’t cost you more than 15.00.

Tools need to repair your loose vinyl siding

How to fix loose vinyl siding that's bowed, sagging, or warped.

  • Zip Tool — shouldn’t cost you more than 10.00 bucks
  • Step ladder or extension ladder — if you own a home, this should already be a given
  • Hammer and some Galvanized roof nails — only if you need to add extra nails somewhere



The picture to the right doesn’t look like much, but in fact, it’s your best friend when it comes to repair vinyl siding.

How to fix your vinyl siding with a zip tool

It’s real simple to use a Zip tool. The pivoting feature of the hook in the Zip tool allows you to hook the very bottom of the vinyl siding panel. This helps to open up the inter-locking feature of the panel. So use this tool to hook the bottom of the siding and at the same time press with your other hand against the panel and apply pressure as you slide this tool from left to right. This will help lock the loose siding panel back into place. It does take some practice. But once again, it’s a simple project anyone can do.

Here’s the what the repaired vinyl siding looks like after being fixed — can you even tell the difference?

How to repair loose vinyl siding that's bowed, sagging, or warped.