Preparation Is Key To a Vinyl Siding Repair

How to do a vinyl siding repair that's cracked or damaged.

If you’re like many home owners discovering the benefits of having vinyl siding installed onto your home — it’s time to plan ahead now. There always comes’ a time where any type of siding you have installed becomes damaged. It happens. If you have wood siding and don’t keep up with the maintenance, it rots. However, with vinyl siding, when you crack or puncture a whole through it, it’s harder to replace…

Simple ways to plan ahead for a vinyl siding repair:

Some clever ways you can plan ahead for a vinyl siding repair, is to buy extra at the time of purchase. If you’re having your vinyl siding installed by a siding contractor, ask the installer if he can order you a box extra for vinyl siding repairs later on down the road. The reason for this, sometimes products are no-longer being manufactured due to bad sales, or what have you. So it’s always good practice to order an extra box of vinyl siding. Look at it this way, if you ever need to hire a siding contractor to repair your vinyl siding, you’ll have a exact match to do the repairs.

Leave a couple vinyl siding panels outside:

This is an important step color wise. It’s important to know that overtime, your vinyl siding will fade. Not a crazy amount by any means, but it will gracefully. Some ways to overcome this problem is to take a few extra panels out of the extra box your installer ordered and put them somewhere in a sunny area, that is out of sight and out of mind. Some good places would be to hang or nail a few pieces against the back of your shed. If that’s not possible, put the extra vinyl siding panels somewhere in a sunny area that nobody will see. This way, when it comes to a vinyl siding repair, you can replace the panel perfectly as if nothing ever happened. However, if you can’t store the panels outside, you can always remove a panel of siding from an inconspicuous part of your home, to repair the vinyl siding damaged in the area that’s highly visible and use the stored panel as a replacement where nobody will notice.