Types of Siding

Types of siding options you have with vinyl siding.

“There are many choices that a person has when selecting from different types of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular ways to finish the outside of a house. There are four major types of vinyl siding. Here is a better explanation of each to help a homeowner pick the best option…”

Types Of Siding

Seamless Vinyl Siding

When siding was first invented, most was made from aluminum that was painted different colors. These pieces of aluminum were cut in approximate twelve foot sections. As time advanced, vinyl siding was introduced. However, since this medium still came in specific lengths, they lined up on the house in an unpleasing pattern. Seams appeared where the box siding overlaps to the next panel. The seams became places where insects nested and water could penetrate. At times of strong wind, seams allowed wind to get in back of the panels and possibly be torn down. Today’s technology has brought forth the latest in vinyl siding that has removed seams. Now the outward appearance is much smoother and more pleasing to the eye. It has maintained its advantages of no corrosion and high durability. Vinyl siding requires little maintenance and is available in a wide selection of finishes and colors.

Solid Core Vinyl Siding

One of vinyl siding’s biggest problems has been the fact that manufacturers have not been able to come up with a solution to its lack of rigidity. Normal vinyl siding never feels solid. Vinyl siding that is thin has a chance to follow every bump on the side of a building. Besides this, many kinds of vinyl siding that is made to look like real wood contains a curl. To solve these issues, solid core vinyl siding was created. It is just as low maintenance as its predecessor, but contains a core that makes the siding lay flat on an outside wall. It has a better insulation value than other siding as well. The reason for this is its foam core that is attached to the back. They interlock during installation to make a solid wall around a home. It slows air infiltration and extra outside noise. Solid core vinyl siding also is less vulnerable to damage caused from bangs or hail. The foam outside corners are available in a number of attractive styles to add nice curb appeal.

Vinyl Log Siding

Many people love the look of a log cabin. Since traditional wood may deteriorate, become infested with bugs, or become moldy, it is better to use vinyl. This siding gives a beautiful appearance that fools many. Real logs also may let in large amounts of air since the spaces between them rarely lie flat. Vinyl log siding is often molded from real lumber that even takes the knots and grain, but contains none of the maintenance or insulation issues.

Vinyl Shake Siding

Another attractive way to deck the outside of a home is with cedar shakes. It is a very quaint way to side a home, but requires a lot of maintenance. Today, vinyl shake siding is available and appears identical to real cedar shakes. It carries all of the benefits of traditional vinyl siding, but looks very expensive. It is available in a vast array of colors.

There was a look at the major types of vinyl siding. Price and personal style will be the deciding factor in which is chosen. No matter, it will all give any home a beautiful outward appearance.