Insulated Vinyl Siding

Many more homeowners are choosing insulated vinyl siding for their homes. There are several reasons why they are choosing this type of siding rather than another type that you will discover within this article. Insulated vinyl siding is a great alternative when compared with other types of siding that are much more costly.

Regular vinyl siding is still used commonly but insulated vinyl siding is becoming much more popular due to the benefits that it has to offer to both homeowners and builders. This innovative siding is giving builders and homeowners a real competitive edge. For the longest time homeowners would choose wood siding, aluminum siding, and even siding made from other various material because the performance was much better.

Benefits Of Insulated Vinyl Siding

This is changing quickly since the inception of insulated vinyl siding because it is low-cost and provides equal or greater performance than the materials mentioned above. There are several benefits offered by insulated vinyl siding that make it a great choice for many. With this particular siding you can expect a great R-Value that is at least R-3 and even higher.

This siding is also stronger than traditional vinyl siding which means it is much more impact-resistant. If you want a solid finished wall, you will definitely need insulated vinyl siding because it easily reduces irregularities in the wall. Another benefit provided when using this siding is the ability that it gives you to customize pieces for use with difficult corners and windows.

Insulated vinyl siding also offers much better overall sound control when it is compared side-by-side to regular vinyl siding. You can also expect less maintenance, lower installation cost, and excellent weather performance to keep you protected. Aside from those benefits insulated vinyl siding also offers minimal problems when it comes to shrinking materials.

You will have far less gap and seam problems thanks to the insulation that this type of siding uses. This is significant because you always want to choose siding that is low cost and involves the smallest amount of possible problems. This is not an extremely important benefit but in choosing this particular type of siding you will have access to a variety of different colors.

This simply is not possible with a few of the types of siding available to homeowners today. Another huge benefit offered from insulated vinyl siding is the fact that the insulation itself does not absorb moisture. Insulation foam in the siding which is commonly EPS will not absorb any moisture at all which once again will create minimal future problems.

Homeowners that might be a bit leery as to whether or not this siding is right for them can rest easy knowing that energy tax credits are available to them. This means you can actually get some of your money back that you have spent on insulated vinyl siding. When compared with other various foam-backed products insulated vinyl siding will save you a great deal of installation time.

Most importantly homeowners with this unique siding installed will benefit from lower energy bills for all of the foreseeable future after the initial installation date. Vapor permeability is also possible with this type of siding whereas other types of siding have no option for this feature. Vapor permeability is a very important character trait when it comes to any type of siding because it allows the siding to breathe properly further reducing overall maintenance.

Oftentimes you can get this special type of siding in sizes that are much larger than average making for a very low cost and speedy installation. There are many reputable manufacturers that offer insulated vinyl siding. A few of these manufacturers include Crane Siding, CertainTeed Siding, Owens-Corning Siding, Alcoa Siding, and Sears Siding.

Installing this powerful and unique type of siding on your home could easily be the best decision that you have ever made. There are many areas that this siding excels exponentially when compared with other popular types of siding available today. Homeowners that want superb quality siding that will offer them the highest level of protection, ease of use, low cost, and longevity will choose insulated vinyl siding.

You just can go wrong with a product that offers so many advantages and virtually zero disadvantages. Choosing this type of siding from one of the top manufacturers listed above will prove to be a wise decision because you can rest assured that you will receive a quality experience every time. No other siding will raise your home’s value like insulated vinyl siding can.