Seamless Vinyl Siding

Seamless Vinyl Siding - Advances in vinyl siding technology makes it possible to produce seamless vinyl siding with lengths up to 40' reducing lap joints and seams on your home.

“The benefits of seamless vinyl siding are numerous and advantageous to many consumers that are making the choice to use seamless over traditional siding. One of the greatest details to seamless vinyl siding is the way that it looks on a home or building by providing a smooth and uniform exterior. The texture and color choices of seamless vinyl siding are more realistic and have a wider array of colors available to fit the precise needs of a customer. Seamless vinyl siding does not show the typical wear and tear of weather conditions or daily damages that can split traditional siding and show color variations from damage…”

Seamless Vinyl Siding

Seamless vinyl siding is rolled out similar to tape coming from a role. Standard siding typically comes in 12 foot strips, whereas seamless vinyl siding is issued in 40 foot strips. Obviously the standard 12 foot traditional siding has many more breaks or seams during installation leaving the finished product open to weather or pest damage in every little seem. Seamless vinyl siding limits this damage with longer strips and is 20% greater in thickness than traditional siding. One of the biggest advantages to installation is the manner in which the siding is attached to the home. With traditional siding, contractors used hundreds of elongated nail slots leaving nails out 1/32” to allow for expansion and contraction. Installers now use a floating clip system to install seamless vinyl siding to allow expansion or contraction of the vinyl during extreme weather conditions eliminating the visibility of nails poking out every few inches.

Benefits Of Seamless Vinyl Siding

Contractors are becoming more aware of the exterior visibility of seamless vinyl siding by installing it so the ends meet at a window or door to eliminate any view of an end-seam. There are absolutely no overlaps and seamless siding will not rust, chip, flake, or corrode. This siding will not fade and should never have to be painted following installation. Eliminating seams during the installation also removes a common problem of household pests entering the cracks that can enter home through the many and cause extreme damage to the interior and base of the home. Other advantages of seamless vinyl siding include greater insulation, the vinyl is fire retardant, and minimal seams reduce the risk of extreme weather conditions pulling the material away from a building.

Generally seamless vinyl siding costs about 10% more than vinyl siding and this is not a product that is recommended for the typical homeowner to handle on their own. The mere fact that the average vinyl strip is 40ft long creates an issue in transporting the siding from a source back to the home. The length also contributes to difficulty in placing such a long strip proportionately on a home as a homeowner might attempt to do it alone. Given all the benefits and the exterior aesthetics of seamless vinyl siding, it is still worth the extra money to invest in a home. The choice of seamless vinyl siding will add a great deal of value to a home and cause anonymous home buyers to take a second look.