Solid Core Vinyl Siding

Solid core vinyl siding. Discover the benefits of increased r-value, damage protection and sound reduction you receive when you buy solid core vinyl siding.

“There are many advantages of installing solid core vinyl siding on your home. It can alleviate many of the problems associated with typical thin siding. It can look better and will do a better job in protecting the home from moisture. It is also more impact resistant. While the product may cost more than typical siding it is far more cost effective in the long run, due to the advantages it offers…”

Why Solid Core Vinyl Siding

Solid core vinyl siding gets its name due to the foam core backing that is laminated on the back of every sheet of siding. This foam backing acts as an additional layer of insulation to help keep the home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer. It also serves as a moisture barrier to prevent underlying framework of the home from rotting or being weakened. Due to the overlapping fit of the foam core, the barrier is more air tight.

The foam backing is helpful during the installation process. It helps each piece look straighter with fewer waves. Often when typical siding is installed the next piece will tend to follow the lines of the last piece. Having a solid foam backing means the siding is less likely to take on the curves of the home’s framework, particularly when the framing is not straight. The overall appearance of solid core vinyl siding is therefore neater and more attractive.

Benefits Of Solid Core Vinyl Siding

The ability to resist dents from flying objects like stones and golf balls in another benefit of solid core vinyl siding. Typical products will often dent permanently. In many instances the only way to repair a specific section is to remove it and replace it with a new one. With a foam backing the individual sections are able to resist dents from flying debris and objects like baseballs or golf balls.

The product comes with decorative trim pieces for corners and around windows, just like other types of siding. It can add to the overall attractiveness of the home. The product is also available in nearly any color a homeowner desires.

Those who want to achieve the look of wood can do so more naturally with solid core vinyl siding. There are no unnatural curls or shapes as with other kinds of siding. The sheets lay flat against each other as they would with authentic cedar siding. However, the structure and materials used in the solid siding products are more durable and weather resistant. They are also less likely to attract insects who may use cedar sheets to make their homes.

The use of solid core vinyl siding is an excellent choice for many reasons. Homeowners can achieve a professional look on the outside of the home. The costs of energy can be reduced due to the solid fibers laminated into siding sheets. Reducing moisture and the likelihood of insect infestations are additional benefits to the home’s structure. The product helps deaden noise so the home’s occupants can maintain quiet when desired. The solid siding comes in many attractive color choices similar to typical siding products, including several wood grain options.