Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding optons, prices and types of siding.

Vinyl log sliding is becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits the product offers compared to regular rustic logs. At the top of the list of advantages are the facts that vinyl log sliding is greatly insulated, undamaged by mold, free of moss, and thermally efficient. Real log homes require continuous maintenance such as staining, sealing, and insect protection. The best overall characteristic of vinyl log siding is the realistic look of real logs. Some say this siding can even fool Mother Nature. There are distinct molded- in knots, imperfections, and color variations that are all similar to natural logs used to construct log homes. Imagine having the capability of the look of a log cabin without the needed maintenance of real logs such as dealing with wood insects, avoiding fading, and handling splinters or rot. Best of all, most companies offer a Lifetime Warranty with vinyl log siding.

Why Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding typically includes an insulated and molded foam backing with a curved surface. The molded foam backing provides additional thermal and sound insulation. There are a great deal of color and grain variations available and vinyl log siding can be applied to both new and pre-existing buildings. There are some forms of this siding that have surface textures that resemble the wood grain. The installation of vinyl log sliding is dependent on the availability for the siding to slide according to weather conditions. The standard length of sliding is 12 feet and a piece can move as much as half an inch on a hot or cold day. Typically contractors use hundreds of elongated nail slots leaving nails out 1/32” to allow for expansion and contraction.

Many companies offer sample panels that should be utilized prior to making a permanent decision and installing. Vinyl log siding should be attached to any surface that is flat and firm. Each panel includes three or four horizontal “logs” and should be affixed with galvanized shingle nails. There are accessories that companies offer to accent the vinyl. There are matching window and door trim, corner moldings, and soffits that can be vented or unvented. The vinyl log siding along with installation of the available accessories provides an overall aesthetic effect that is completely waterproof. The ease of maintaining the log cabin look with vinyl log siding is well worth the consideration of installation.

Benefits Of Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding is a product worthy of looking into when looking for a change toward a more rustic look for a home or building. Be conscientious of the many factors that are involved with installation prior to making a decision on who will conduct the project. Given all the benefits and the exterior aesthetics of vinyl log siding, it is an option that homeowners can consider with confidence. Shelling out the initial investment comes back two-fold with the ease of overall maintenance with worry free pest control, and prime insulation. The choice of vinyl log siding will add a great deal of value to a home and open opportunities for the future whether holding the home as an asset or hoping to sell the home for profit.