Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding - learn all about the benefits of installing this type of siding on your home.

Vinyl shake siding is modeled after cedar shake siding in appearance, but, like most other vinyl siding, is much more affordable and easy to deal with than its wood equivalent. Shake siding gives a home a unique, vintage, and rustic look that is guaranteed to stand apart from the standard vinyl appearance. There is a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from, making this style able to conform to almost any home and location…”

Why Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding is extremely easy to install and is known for its weather resistance. Installation involves long prefabricated rows that lock in place. Once installation is completed, the siding is virtually maintenance free and does not require repainting or staining like traditional cedar shake siding does. It is extremely resistant to any type of warping or moisture damage.

The original wooden (usually cedar) shakes have a long history in home construction, especially in the United States. They are made by splitting logs with an axe, as opposed to other types of shingles that are usually sawn on all sides. Wooden cedar shakes tend to require more maintenance than most modern forms of siding, and all of the wood must be grain cut and treated with a finish in order to resist warping and weather.

Cedar Shakes tend to be places using either the single course or double course method. Single coursing, the more traditional method between the two, involves each row of shakes covering half of the row below it, creating a scale-like appearance. The double coursing method involves an “under course” that is placed on top of the preceding line of shingles. This creates a more refined look and is more economical when wood materials are involved because the under course shakes can be made of lower quality materials.

Benefits of Vinyl Shake Siding

While the historical split log shakes had somewhat irregular shapes, the vinyl shake siding applications of today offer a wide array of choices in regards to texture, shape, and color. The texture can imitate many different wood grains, although the classic cedar is the most popular, or it can be smooth. Some of the shapes available include square, round, fish scale, mitered corner, half cove, hexagonal, or octagonal. Color choices are only limited to the imagination of the manufacturer.

Installation is similar to that of other forms of vinyl siding and requires relatively few tools. The cost of vinyl shake siding, as with many other things, is greatly reduced if one is able and willing to take care of the installation by oneself. The key difference between Cedar shake installation and that of the typical vinyl shake siding is that the use of some kind of pattern is often necessary in order to create the proper look and texture. Almost all vinyl shake siding comes with instructions. If application is not your thing, then there are plenty of people willing to do the work for you.

Although it is not for everyone, vinyl shake siding creates a rustic look that is guaranteed to stay in style while paying homage to the historic construction practices found in older homes. The vinyl shake siding solution looks authentic and is guaranteed to outlast most other options. It is definitely a home improvement option that is worth checking out.