Vinyl Siding Colors

Vinyl siding colors - discover the endless possibilities of color options you have for vinyl siding.

“When deciding on the ideal color for a house’s exterior, homeowners used to visit the paint store to study chip samples. But with all the improvements in siding over the years, changing the appearance of a house for the better is more likely to mean choosing among a wide range of vinyl siding colors. Improvements mean that modern siding will last for decades with low maintenance and next to no fading.”

Vinyl Siding Colors Overview

The use of vinyl siding has the added benefit of being good for the environment. The product uses few raw materials for its manufacture. Since leftover pieces are recycled into other vinyl products, there is almost no waste. When it comes to maintenance of a house sided in vinyl, no toxic substances are called into use. No stain, paint or paint removers means fewer toxins leaked into the environment.

Today’s builders and architects can also turn to vinyl siding for any style of home. From Victorian to Prairie Style or contemporary, any house can be sided and still retain its particular personality. Vinyl siding works well in any neighborhood.

Traditional colors such as white or beige remain popular and are still available. But because of enhanced coatings, vinyl siding now comes in bolder colors that are guaranteed to stay as deep and rich looking for as long as paler palette choices. Deep reds and blues as well as dark green and other options are easy to find. The color retention factor gives greater versatility to selections meant to raise curb appeal.

High quality siding is readily available from many worthy manufacturers. Norandex vinyl siding colors are among the industry’s top choices. The company prides itself on sophisticated looks as well as excellent performance. A large array of siding finishes and styles will dress up a house’s main planking as well as give beautiful touches when used for contrasting trim and accents.

CertainTeed siding provides more high quality choices. The company gives consumers a huge range of siding and accents, with the installed cost held at low to medium levels. As with other fine vinyl siding, CertainTeed siding never requires painting and is virtually maintenance free. It is a sustainable item that carries the Green Approved Product endorsement of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). With more than a century of experience in producing building materials, the manufacturer provides a top-notch warranty.

From cedar to vinyl, CertainTeed offers homeowners hundreds of choices. CertainTeed vinyl siding colors include Barn Red, Colonial White, Oxford Blue and Terra Cotta, to name only a few of the many options. Its line of Wolverine vinyl siding colors include: Savannah Wicker, Autumn Yellow, Desert Tan and Summer Wheat.

Another company that buyers turn to for quality products is Alside. Its high performance siding meets the needs of consumers in all styles of neighborhood. It introduced low maintenance residential siding back in 1947, and continues to be an industry leader.

The manufacturer prides itself on new technology that makes siding systems that grip the house tighter than ever for a maximum, weather-protective coating. Alside vinyl siding colors come in a complementary palette that allows for use of the same color zzll over or accent trim, depending on the type of look desired. Alside’s choices work well for a range of housing styles with colors ranging from Tuscan Clay to London Brown.

The company applies ChromaTrue™ ASA copolymer to its darker colors as an extra layer of protection from the sun’s rays and the minor scratches that can come along thanks to weather of all kinds. The low gloss finish helps the vinyl resemble good quality wood. Alside backs the durability and fade resistance of its siding with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

Another well-known company that shoppers turn to is Crane. With a large spectrum of colors, including the traditional paler ones as well as the modern, deeper choices, Crane vinyl siding colors cover the tastes of everyone from the most traditional to the most contemporary. The company recommends choosing the right color by looking at samples in different lights.

A color will look one way in softer morning light than it will in bright afternoon sunshine or on a cloudy day. Whichever company one buys from, it is important to double check the color options in shade and sun outside, not simply next to a window. Consider whether the color you have in mind will appeal to you for the long term. Whether you stay in your home for ten years or twenty-five, a good quality vinyl siding will still be with you.

Be sure to read through the warranty to make sure that the fade factor is covered. With today’s improved manufacturing ingredients and techniques, choosing vinyl for the home’s exterior is a smart, economical idea. With the wealth of vinyl siding colors available today, the look of a home does not have to be compromised in order to become maintenance free.