Top 5 Vinyl Siding Colors

Vinyl siding colors - research and review the many vinyl siding color options you have available.

“Homeowners want to make their home beautiful and prefer to use vinyl siding colors that will fit in with their outdoor décor as well as the type of home that they own. The five top colors that are popular amongst homeowners are glacier white, antique parchment, natural line, and platinum gray and silver moss. It is the style of siding and the type of home that a homeowner has that will determine the color for their vinyl siding…”

Vinyl Siding Color Options

Prodigy® Insulated siding is one of the most preferred styles of vinyl siding that home owners prefer in the colors of glacier white or antique parchment. This siding was made popular because it is insulated with the RigidLock locking system that has a fantastic R-value of 5.3. The homeowner is able to get this type of siding in a double 5” Dutch lap and double 6” clapboard with a cedar finish.

Charter Oak®/XL vinyl siding is designed with a tri-beam that helps to increase the rigidity of the siding. Homeowners prefer the vinyl siding colors in the glacier white or the platinum gray. This is a very popular siding that comes in all five colors with many other color selections are available. The Charter Oak® XXL vinyl siding comes in a matte or oak grain texture which has made it one of the most outstanding choices that homeowners prefer in all five of the top colors.

The next popular vinyl paneling design is the Board & Batten® Vertical Siding, which comes in twelve vinyl siding colors that the homeowner can make their selection. Most of the homeowners prefer one of the top five colors, which is the glacier white, natural linen, antique parchment, platinum-gray, or the silver moss. CenterLock® vinyl siding features one of the best locking systems that is mid-panel locking. You are able to get this siding in fourteen different colors but one of the top five colors are usually the pick that homeowners prefer.

The top five colors chosen by most homeowners are usually selected with a great degree of planning. The homeowners will normally go out in their own community and see what the popular colors are in other homes. They also keep an eye to see how well the siding wears over the years. It is important that the siding retain the color that it was when it first was installed over an extended period. The weather condition in some areas is a factor in the color choice along with the type of landscape around the home.

It is very easy to find the right color for your home because most siding contractors will have a full array of vinyl siding color samples that the homeowner can view before they decide on the right color for their home. The style of siding selected makes a huge difference in the color that a homeowner may select for their home. Normally the homeowner who has a two story home might prefer a darker color while the ranch style homeowner may prefer a lighter color. The glacier white is popular for just about all types of homes.