Certainteed Vinyl Siding

Photo credit: www.certainteed.com

“If looking for a vinyl siding that offers great looks along with years of maintenance free service, look no further than Certainteed Vinyl Siding. For many years, independent surveys have shown products produced by Certainteed to be preferred by builders, designers, architects and remodelers…”

Certainteed Vinyl Siding Overview

Certainteed Vinyl siding offers more colors than any other manufacturer in the industry. They were the first company to offer the darker shades that can truly add the bold look needed to help homes stand out above the crowd. The company uses PermaColor that offers a lifetime fade protection. Siding is available in many different styles and has a realistic looking texture due to the utilization of the direct transfer system that prints the pattern using real cedar boards.

Although horizontal vinyl siding is a great product, Cedar shingle siding can provide the accents needed to give a home distinction. However, since these shingles are made of vinyl, they offer the same low maintenance option of horizontal vinyl siding. There is never a need to paint or spray preservatives on this product. It will not grey as real wood does over time. In addition, the homeowner does not have to worry about boring beetles or woodpeckers with this product.

The most common complaint heard from consumers regarding vinyl siding is the number of seams. While most other companies continue to offer only 12-foot lengths of horizontal siding, Certainteed vinyl siding is available in longer length panels. This allows installers to avoid more seams.

Benefits of Certainteed Vinyl Siding

The patented STUDfinder system makes installation quicker and easier than with the competition. Each panel is engineered with a system that automatically aligns nail slots at the standard 16-inch on center indicator. This can increase safety of workers by making it less likely to drive a nail into a live electric box or other structures inside the wall cavity. The system decreases installation time by 25%, lowering the cost of installation to the contractor and ultimately to the homeowner.

There is no need to worry about your Certainteed vinyl siding in a windstorm. The different lines are designed to withstand from 135 MPH all the way to 220 MPH winds. For comparison sake, Hurricane force winds are any winds above 73 MPH. The eye of Hurricane Katrina when it struck land was spinning at 140 miles per hour.

Certainteed also offers a large variety of possibilities for the finishing touch to a project. The trim used can make a big difference in providing a low maintenance real wood look. Certainteed also offers products that can be milled and painted for an exact match of the desired trim.

Certainteed Vinyl siding offers a wide variety of great looking choice for use in the construction of new homes and offices. In addition, the product is a great choice in many remodeling jobs. The product is virtually maintenance free and designed to last for many years in the future. The product provides a lifetime warranty to the original owner and a 50-year from time of original installation warranty to the subsequent buyers.