Crane Vinyl Siding

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Crane vinyl siding products are manufactured by a descendant of the original Crane Plastics company founded in the 1940s. Many of the technologies that Crane pioneered are now staples of the industry, from the original extrusion die system for solid vinyl siding introduced in the 1950s to contemporary solid core siding with its foam backing. Crane’s reputation for solid performance coupled with ground-breaking innovation makes it a leader in the industry. The wide variety of Crane Building Products on today’s market are each tailored to specific applications…”

Crane Vinyl Siding


Crane’s solid core product line is marketed as CraneBoard. CraneBoard’s layer of foam provides an insulating effect of between R3.0 and R4.0, depending on the specific product. The foam also provides enhanced stability, preventing the distortions that give standard vinyl siding its artificial look and allowing it to more easily survive accidents and storms that may damage lesser siding products. Crane Vinyl Siding Solid Core also provides substantial insulation against sound. CraneBoard comes in a number of styles simulating wood siding in several widths with and without beading as well as an attractive vertical board-and-batten model.


The upscale look of natural stone provided by Crane’s BellaStone panels comes at much less expense and with far fewer installation hassles than real stone. BellaStone can be used to sheath entire walls or limited to columns or details like quoins. The product provides thermal insulation at the R2.5 level as well as sound dampening. The two colors available, Tuscan and Torino, allow BellaStone features to blend into any environment whether the desired effect is classic elegance or harmony with nature. Like all Crane vinyl siding products, BellaStone provides the convenience of maintenance-free beauty.

Carolina Sands

To look right on traditional homes, siding must closely match the appearance of old-fashioned wood siding. Crane’s Carolina Sands is designed for exactly this purpose. Its boards are the six-and-one-half inch width expected for classic homes, complete with a bead along the edge of each board. In addition, Carolina Sands is especially engineered to resist the assaults of the harshest weather conditions with no degradation of its stylish good looks.

Market Square

For homes that require a clapboard look, Crane vinyl siding offers the Market Square line. The product’s traditional profiles range from four inch through four-and-one-half inch “Dutch Lap” to five inch double in sixteen colors, including bold colors designed for applications where maximum impact is required. Market Square siding uses Crane’s innovative WindBreaker nailing system and the Integri-Lock locking system to provide maximum ease of installation and durability over years of use. Like all Crane siding, Market Square is designed to require no maintenance at all.

More Benefits of Crane Vinyl Siding

Crane vinyl siding exterior products includes lines designed for almost any architectural application. The company’s history of technical innovation coupled with solid quality and first-rate customer service and Crane vinyl siding reviews, make its products a solid choice. Crane’s longstanding commitment to the quality, dependability and beauty of its products mean that Crane vinyl siding can be relied upon to make a positive contribution to any building project, whether a single small shed or a multi-building complex.