Mastic Vinyl Siding

Many home owners have been very satisfied with Mastic Vinyl Siding. From exterior designs, to builders that work with an Architect’s creative team, those that have installed Mastic vinyl siding strongly recommend this company to friends and family. All of them have been very satisfied as well. Here are a some siding options many choose from the most.

Mastic has introduced vinyl siding in 1959. The reason why I personally love their products is because of the diversity they have brought because of countless innovations ever since the product first came out in the market. Mastic vinyl siding come in various designs and colors that is why it has become number one in the vinyl cladding industry.

Benefits of Mastic Vinyl Siding

These products come in either .035 or .090 inch thickness. This thickness is actually already twice the thickness of other similar vinyl sidings. This means that Mastic vinyl siding is a lot more durable than others. It will last longer and will save home owners a lot of money from repairs or changing sections of their siding every now and then. This thickness is able to withstand winds that are up to 210 mph strong. This means that this product is reliable in almost any type of weather.

Mastic offers products that suit almost all kinds of homes. Finding a color that will match the color of your house is easy as well. As I’ve mentioned above, it has evolved in such a creative way over the years. Basically, you will not need to spend too much on maintenance because once the siding is installed; you are assured of lifetime quality. Install it and never worry about it!

Siding Options

There are many products from the Mastic vinyl siding line that many home owners have chosen a lot of times. One of these products is the Quest Mastic vinyl siding which amazingly replicates real wood. Even if we are living in the modern era of architectural design where contemporary houses are being developed, there are still some clients who prefer that touch of wood and the warm feeling it gives to their houses. This product comes in 35 different of shades that will fit almost any wood work available.

Another great product is the Board and Batten which is basically a craftsman’s style. It has a wood grain look that has a touch of crisp that runs vertically embedded on the siding. This will definitely exhibit shadow patterns. Some people love this while some don’t. Samples are available if you need to check.

For people who find happiness in class and sleek styles, you will enjoy the Silhouette Classic collection. It has an added stability and strength future. The Ovation collection comes in 20 various colors you can choose from and 4 different hot styles. The styles will definitely add that extra in your exterior curb appeal, it looks more appealing and elegant. If you are the type of person with the traditional mindset along with classic taste, you will find the Charleston Beaded collection the best one for you.

There are many more products you can check out from Mastic vinyl siding. Some of them prioritize style while some that do not look so good on the eye are durable. You have to see and feel for yourself and see what will do best for the exterior of your home.