Wolverine Vinyl Siding

Wolverine vinyl siding - discover all of the siding options you have using this type of vinyl siding.
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“Vinyl siding is now the most common type of siding in the United States. It is used on the home’s exterior in place of wood siding or paint. It has numerous advantages over siding made from other materials, because it is relatively cheap, easy to maintain and very durable. It does not provide a high level of insulation but it can hold up to a lot of wear and tear and only need minimal maintenance. Vinyl siding comes in numerous colors and the color stays the same for many years…”

Wolverine Vinyl Siding Overview

Those who are looking for high quality siding for their home may want to consider Wolverine vinyl siding. This type of siding is manufactured and sold by CertainTeed. The company is a subsidiary of the well known home construction giant Saint Gobain, and operates throughout the United States and Canada. CertainTeed has been in operation for more than one hundred years, and has a well earned reputation for providing high quality building materials for residential and commercial buildings.

Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Siding

Choosing vinyl siding for the home is no small matter. It can affect not only the home’s exterior decor but also its overall value. The siding must be high quality and able to hold up to extreme weather conditions – that’s where Wolverine vinyl siding comes in to play.

There are three classic styles of Wolverine Vinyl Siding. These are:

– Double 4″ Woodgrain Clapboard
– Double 4 1/2″ Woodgrain Dutchlap
– Double 5″ Woodgrain Clapboard

Each of these come with a limited lifetime warranty, a class 1 (A) fire rating and are installed with a secure, snap fit installation.

Before installing vinyl siding, one should consider the overall appearance of other homes in the neighborhood. While one would never want his or her home to be exactly the same as someone else’s home, the home’s exterior does need to match well in color and style with the other homes in the neighborhood. There are over a dozen Wolverine vinyl siding color options to choose from, so a homeowner should have no trouble finding a color that suits his or her tastes.

Care and Maintenance

As was noted above, vinyl siding does not need much care and maintenance. However, the siding should be washed once a year so that it will maintain a fresh appearance. It is also a good idea to regularly recaulk joints between the siding and the trim, so that moisture and humidity does not seep through the siding. While vinyl siding is quite durable, it can be scuffed and cracked by ladders placed against the side of the home.

Vinyl siding is currently the most popular form of siding and it is not hard to see why. It is durable, requires only minimal maintenance and is quite aesthetic. Those who are looking for high quality siding of this nature may want to consider Wolverine vinyl siding. It is made by a reputable company and is installed using high quality materials. There are a number of style and color options to choose from, so one should have no trouble finding the siding that best suits his or her home.