6 Tips On How To Get The Best Vinyl Siding Price

If you’re like many home owners that decided on the fact that having vinyl siding installed on your home makes perfectly good sense — you’re not alone! However, after all of that research on various vinyl siding manufacturers, now it’s time to find the best price on vinyl siding. I’ll give you 6 solid tips on how to get the best price for vinyl siding. With a little time and effort on your part, you’ll feel great knowing you saved money.

Where to begin to find the best vinyl siding prices

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is to start locating as many vinyl siding suppliers in your area. Try to compile a list of 5-10.
  • Start calling each one of these vinyl siding suppliers to see if they sell to the public, a good majority of them only sell to siding contractors. That’s why it’s good to build a big list of suppliers.
  • Once you’ve weeded out the ones that don’t sell vinyl siding to the public, take a drive and visit the ones that do and start getting prices on the style and manufacturer you like the best.
  • Always ask to see if they are having any specials on discontinued line items. For example, shutters, vents, electrical covers, decorative trim packages — most importantly, vinyl siding.
  • Be sure to get a print out of the items you’d like to buy, with prices from each supply house you visit. This way you can compare line items with each vinyl siding supplier and negotiate a better price.
  • If you’re patient and don’t mind price negotiations with each supplier of vinyl siding, you’re going to save a lot of money.

If you plan on having a siding contractor install the vinyl siding for you by a certain date, don’t wait until the last minute to buy it. Give yourself at least 2 or 3 good weekends for visiting each vinyl siding supplier, and negotiating for the best deal.