Comparing Vinyl Siding Prices, Options And Cost

Maintaining the exterior appearance and curb appeal of ones home is a critical factor in determining and assuring a homes value. The application of maintenance-free vinyl siding in both new construction and existing homes requiring a “facelift” is rapidly increasing in popularity and recognized as an excellent investment. Homeowners considering this option will discover a wide range vinyl siding manufacturers with prices ranging from less than $2.00 per square foot for the do-it-yourselfer to upwards of $7.50 per square foot when installed by qualified, professional contractors.

Homeowners opting for a professional installation will discover the importance of soliciting estimates from several different vinyl siding contractors. To insure accurate comparisons the estimates need to be prepared and based on the same quality of material, square footage estimates and extras. Home owners should not be surprised to find that this “apples-to-apples” comparison will result in different vinyl siding prices from the different contractors.

This variation is due to the fact that there are numerous variables at play such as; the vinyl siding cost to the contractor, vinyl thickness, the contractors overhead costs and profit margins to mention just a few.
Vinyl siding cost to the contractor is dependent primarily on the distributor or manufacturer’s charges from whom they, the contractor receive the product. Other factors include shipping costs and the contractors’ qualification for volume discounts. Arguably a contractor who purchases product in larger quantities will often receive deeper discounts compared to contractors who purchase smaller quantities over the same time period.

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of thicknesses. The thicker the vinyl is, the more it costs. Generally the thickness is between .35 millimeters to .55 millimeters in the highest quality products. Thinner vinyl has a tendency to “mirror” imperfections in the exterior wall sheathing to which it is applied where thicker material is more ridged and provides for crisp, clean, unwavering appearance. In addition to thickness the color can also influence price as does the “extras”. Extras consist of items such as insulation, trim options, side shingles, shutters, soffit styles, fascia, etc.

Generally speaking, most reputable contractors have the desire to build and grow a sustainable business which requires them to be profitable. Profit margins will vary between contractors and are determined in part on overhead and expenses such as employees, equipment, insurance, licensing and transportation. These considerations ultimately have bearing and drive the prices that are passed on to the customer. Some may set price points based on volume while others may set their prices based on quality of workmanship and customer service. The later of which should be a primary concern for home owners. Service after the sale is quite valuable to the homeowner when a maintenance issue or warranty issue presents itself.

There are many variables that dictate vinyl siding prices that contractors charge. Good advice is to shop several contractors and insure when doing so that estimates are based on an apples-to-apples comparison. One school of thought in selecting a contractor is to throw out the cheapest and most expensive estimates and select the mid-range. Regardless of the actual selection process used, ultimately it is the comfort level the homeowner has with the contractor, their prices and reputation.