Do colors play a role in higher vinyl siding prices?

You will often read that depending on the material, thickness and company of the vinyl siding, your prices will go up or down. However, when you are looking at vinyl siding prices and thinking of buying a specific color, you must bring all the possible factors in consideration so you are spending you money on the right option. Spending too much on a color that does not suit your house would be wasting the money. Popular colors are normally the cheapest to choose from, so consider these options when deciding. Here a some examples:


When you are considering the color blue for your house, make up your mind whether you want the light blue or dark blue. We wouldn’t want you to spend your money on dark blue color unless your goal is to make your house look gloomy and haunting. Light blue however is a refreshing color and feels soothing on eyes. You might also be already aware that blue is one of the most popular colors for vinyl siding. People often relate it to water or sky, which gives it a soothing quality and thus it is preferred on any other color.


Though we all know that color white is almost considered the most susceptible color of all when it comes to stains, but the characteristics of white make it a priority choice for many homeowners. The best part about white is that it gives all other decorations on the outside of your house to be prominent. If you have colored windows, colored blinds or curtains, contrasted railing and a beautiful flower garden in the front, white is the best color for you. Its soothing quality is another factor that makes it a preference for many.


Another very popular color and is often picked by people looking for white in the first place. The color off white is often known with the name of cream and a blend of gray or other colors gives it the pale yellowish or grayish look. Why it is preferred over white is because white can be a little too bright for eyes when sunlight is falling on it directly. Moreover, this color also gives the exterior parts of your fixtures i.e. windows, doors, railings etc. a chance to boast their colors.

Light Brown

Light brown is also very popular and you will find various shades of brown when looking for light brown. You will also find a color named as “tan”, which is also becoming very popular these days. If you didn’t know, beige is also considered a shade of light brown, which is brown color after a little blend from yellow and gray.

Other Colors To Consider

The list of colors does not end because recently made vinyl siding has been given even more colors than before. Ivory, Rye, Regatta, Clay, Cedar, Country Green, Charcoal, Red, Brick Red etc. are also some other colors you may consider.

Important Note

Regardless of the color you choose, make sure when you are choosing the color, check the color outdoor and not in the artificial indoor light. Fade warranty is another crucial aspect to consider while purchasing.