Insulated Vinyl Siding Prices – Is It Worth The Extra Costs?

insulated vinyl siding prices

Vinyl siding is a wonderful and affordable way to improve the quality and curb appeal of a home. However, in these times of rising fuel and energy cost, wouldn’t it be nice to add an extra layer of insulation to your home? I think so.. I’ll describe some important factors to consider whether or not insulated foam backed vinyl siding is worth the extra costs…

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated foam backed vinyl siding comes in two forms: The first being that depending on manufacturer, is either fused onto the vinyl siding panel, or it’s conformed to the panel. Either system is fine and shouldn’t really impact your buying decision. The other benefit to buying insulated vinyl siding is that it’s not only a great insulator, but it helps reduce outdoor noises. So if you live in a high traffic area, insulated vinyl siding makes a great choice. Here are some more quick benefits listed:

  • Greatly improved resistance to cracks or dings
  • Improved home insulation depending on insulated vinyl siding manufacturer — an improved R-value of between R-3 and R-5
  • Greatly reduces the waves or imperfections in your exterior walls.
  • Perfect choice for older homes, especially in colder climates

Insulated Vinyl Siding Prices – Is it worth it?

As a home improvement contractor, I would have to say yes, and no. Why? Quite simply put, if your home was built post 80’s, your home should be insulated enough. Most states adopted better building standards and enforced them by state codes. In most cases this meant better insulated exterior walls and framing, ventilation, etc.. That’s why I feel insulated vinyl siding would be a waste of money in this case. However, for older homes, especially homes built in the early 1900’s, where homes were built using horse-hair plaster and balloon framing – this would be a perfect addition to your home, and help lower energy costs. Most importantly, reduce a lot of imperfections in your exterior walls and reduce outdoor noises.

How Much For Insulated Vinyl Siding To Be Installed?

On average, regular vinyl siding cost about 1.00 -1.50 for standard to premium D-4 traditional clapboard house vinyl siding. Once again, depending on which insulated vinyl siding manufacturer you choose, it will end up costing you roughly 20-30% more on top of what regular vinyl siding costs. To have a siding contractor install insulated vinyl siding, expect to pay anywhere from 4.25-6.00 per square foot. This would normally include, materials, permits, removal of old siding, trash haul-away, etc..