Know Where To Save On Vinyl Siding

It has been accepted and admitted by experts and homeowners that vinyl siding is the best cost effective material to be used on the house exteriors compared to any other material in the market. However, when you think that your vinyl siding prices are most economical, you should think of everything, and we mean everything. At first it might seem straight forward that you will just choose a fancy looking design, order it, have it installed and sit relaxed. Are you sure you have considered everything and that you can kick back and relax? Well, here are a few things that possibly need your attention before reaching any decision.

Repairing Costs

Although thicker material is available in vinyl siding, the durability and endurance factor of vinyl siding is still in question. Many people when buying a house that has vinyl siding might consider the property as less valuable because they have not accepted all the benefits of vinyl siding. Heavy hailing or any other type of extreme weather conditions can be fatal for your vinyl siding. Once broken, vinyl siding is hard to match up the existing color because the sun fades the siding over time and in many cases, you will simply need to get a new panel that can closely match the color. Seeping and penetration of water behind the siding is another problem that needs to be looked at. However, we cannot directly quote it as vinyl siding’s disadvantage because on many occasions it’s the problem of poor construction or installation.


Insulation has always been a big question mark for those who want to have vinyl siding installed. Of course, your house would look beautiful from the outside with beautiful siding, but what about the inside? Insulated vinyl siding will help keep energy costs down and save you money in the long term. However, insulated vinyl siding does cost more but what you get with having insulation backed onto your vinyl siding will give you more durability and rigidness.


Well, you were always told that vinyl siding offers variety of colors didn’t you? In fact, we have heard the same and spread the word around. So why is that we are mentioning colors in factors that might take the costs of your vinyl siding higher? The truth is, if you want to spend less, you will be offered only the basic colors i.e. white, beige etc. To go into a wider range of colors, you will have to spend more money on more premium colors. Therefore, be sure to spend your money rightfully and carefully.

The Heat Issue

Vinyl siding has always been criticized because of its sensitivity towards heat. Studies have shown that fire spreads more quickly in buildings that have vinyl sidings installed and the result of vinyl siding burning is one of the biggest issues. When it burns, vinyl siding releases toxic dioxin, due to the presence of almost 80 percent PVC and researches have proved that the presence of these toxic substances can easily cause fatal damages to someone who is trapped inside a house that is on fire. You need to know everything before you say that the price is right.