Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding Prices

mastic vinyl siding prices

Vinyl siding is a wonderful choice in exterior cladding. From the ease of installation, down to the ease of maintenance, you couldn’t have picked a better choice. And for those who are on a quest for the best vinyl siding prices without sacrificing quality – Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding is your answer…

What’s not to love about Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding? It comes with 35 standard colors, truly authentic real wood look, and is extremely durable — all for a low starting price. Mastic vinyl siding was first introduced in 1959 and from there they have paved the way to be one of the leaders in vinyl siding. They offer the most standard colors for each level of vinyl siding they offer. Furthermore, they are one of the very few that also design and manufacture their own line of accessories. So if you’re looking for stunning curb appeal with beautiful accessories that can compliment your siding — then Mastic Quest vinyl siding should be your first and last stop.

What to expect with Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding prices?

Depending on where you go and live, you could expect to pay roughly 1.25 -1.75 per square foot of Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding. Now just so that you know, this price doesn’t include any accessories that go into putting this project together. Depending on how elaborate you want your home to look, with accessories you should expect to pay anywhere from 0.35 – 0.75 to get you home looking like the best house on the block. If you’re planning to buy all of the materials to either install the vinyl siding yourself, or to hire a siding contractor to install it for you, you should buy the following items:

  • Starter-strips — this is to secure the first row of siding
  • J-channel – this goes around all outside areas of your walls, windows, soffits
  • Galvanized roofing nails — to secure the siding. Be sure not to nail to tight and allow wiggle room for the siding panel
  • Outside & Inside corners
  • Vinyl soffits — this is for ventilation of your attic. Soffits act as the intake for your roof while the ridge of your roof is the exhaust. Put simply, it keeps your attic well ventilated.
  • Under window sill clip strips
  • Window shutters if the look appeals to your home’s style
  • Vapor barrier — this protects your exterior walls from moisture and rot
  • Window and door trim – either PVC or metal aluminum trim – PVC is the better option in my opinion. Metal aluminum trim tends to look wavy and chalky after time.

Take this list of items and visit various vinyl siding suppliers that carry Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding. Be sure to ask each supplier to prepare a printed quote for you on every line item. Take that list with you to each and every supplier to negotiate a low Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding price. Salesman are always eager to go the extra mile to earn your business, just be polite about it when discussing your options and you will come out the winner every time.

How much does a siding contractor charge to install Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding?

This can be a tricky one to answer, so I will have to give you a price range. Here in Boston, MA where I own a home improvement company, I’ll charge somewhere in the range of 4.50 -5.50 per square foot to install Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding. This includes everything needed from, materials, installation, permits, and trash haul-away. For you own good, it should be a best practice to get at least 3 bids that compare the same products and line items that you liked from Mastic.