Quality Plays A Big Role In Vinyl Siding Cost

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If you’re like many home owners looking to renovate the exterior look of your home with vinyl siding, remember this, the quality of vinyl you choose will determine how much more you’ll pay for vinyl siding, not to mention, accessories. Also keep mind, not all vinyl siding is the same. There are different grades, styles and thicknesses to pick from when determining vinyl siding cost.

Determining vinyl siding cost

As a home improvement contractor, I’ve install a lot of various types of siding on homes in the city and suburbs. I also run into a lot of homes that have imperfection on the exterior walls of their home for example; bowed walls, wavy walls. One way to combat this from showing up on your home is to choose a thicker grade panel. Choosing a panel with a .044 and above will help eliminate the imperfections that would otherwise show up in a thinner, cheaper vinyl siding panel.

Another huge factor in vinyl siding cost, is the type of vinyl siding styles you choose from. On the higher end of prices are the: cedar shakes, Dutch lap, board and batten. On the lower end, would be the traditional horizontal clapboard style vinyl siding.

Finally, if you plan to buy the vinyl siding from a manufacture directly, you should expect to pay anywhere between 0.87 – 2.35 per square foot in cladding materials. Please note, this doesn’t cover the cost of accessories. You will also need to factor in how much home wrap, outside corners, inside corners, window trim, j-channel, fan-fold insulation, nails, soffits ventilation, etc.

For a ballpark estimate of what a 2,000 square foot home will cost you in materials, let’s do the math using our above numbers.

0.87 x 2,000 square feet will equal 1,740.00

2.35 x 2,000 square feet will equal 4,700.00

Vinyl siding grades

Vinyl siding panels are broken down into 5 categories of millimeter thicknesses:

  • Builders grade, .040
  • Thin Residential Grade, .042
  • Standard residential grade, .044
  • Thick residential grade, .046
  • Super thick grade, .050

Furthermore, when it comes down to deciding on what vinyl siding manufacture to buy from, be sure that you’re grading your choice comparing apple’s to apple’s and not apple’s to orange’s. What I mean by that is, be sure that the thickness of the panel, style and features, match that of those you’re comparing them too.