Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding Prices – How Much Can You Really Save?

Curb appeal simply cannot be underestimated when it comes to a house. One of the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing ways to enhance the exterior of a home is with vinyl siding. Cedar shake vinyl siding prices are much lower than traditional cedar, making it the ideal option for homeowners sticking to a budget. It never has to be painted and repainted, and it is resistant to damage from the elements.

Why Choose Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding Over Real Wood

While very lovely, cedar wood siding comes with a hefty price tag and a significant amount of maintenance and upkeep over the years. Homes that are situated in areas where the air quality is poor or the air contains sea salt would require a great deal of work in order to keep the paint looking fresh and the shakes in good condition. The natural elements like rain, wind, and sun will wear down wood over time. Pests and insects like termites can wreak havoc on cedar siding. With vinyl, the beauty of a home’s exterior will not be compromised and the maintenance will be significantly less.

Cost of Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

On average, vinyl cedar shake costs about a third of what wood shakes cost. Taking replacement and repair costs into consideration, real wood quickly becomes very expensive to install and maintain. The appearance of vinyl cedar is so realistic that no one will be able to tell the difference. Homeowners can still achieve the look and texture of real wood because manufacturers have created a variety of attractive options. There are endless color choices, allowing homeowners to give their property personality and a distinct look.

Ease of Installation

Vinyl siding is simple to install. It has a seamless look once each piece is locked into position. Installing wood shakes takesĀ  time and skill, making it a more complicated process and adding to the higher cost. Vinyl cedar shakes are easy to work with.

Creating a Distinct Look

There are plenty of color and texture options for vinyl cedar shakes. For homeowners seeking a classic and traditional look, shakes that resemble actual wood are the perfect option. No one will be able to tell the difference unless they get up close and give the siding a sniff. The exterior of any home will be transformed with attractive, high quality siding. It is the ideal option for giving any home a unique and stylish appearance from any angle.