Vinyl Siding Cost Vs Quality

There is little doubt about the curb appeal offered by vinyl siding. It is no wonder that this and the fact that it is so affordable contribute to vinyl siding’s popularity. There are a large number of high quality vinyl siding manufacturers that distribute their products nationally. This list will include Wolverine, Mastic, Alside and Certainteed among others. These competing quality siding manufacturers are what help keep a good balance between vinyl siding cost and keep quality vinyl siding prices so very affordable to the public.

What Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

One interesting question consumers always ask is, what in fact is the least expensive vinyl siding cost per square ft. of siding? Before I give you numbers, let’s talk about what terms we should be using. First off, in the siding contractor community, a square of vinyl siding equals a 10×10 area of wall coverage. For a better example, a 10×10=100 square feet, or 1 total square of vinyl siding. So when a contractor gives you a siding estimate on a home that’s 2,000 square ft. in total area, the siding contractor will tell you it’s going to cost you roughly (x) labor+materials x 20 squares of siding = x the total cost of siding installation.

  • Basic vinyl siding prices with a thickness of .035 will cost you roughly .87 cents per square foot.
  • Standard vinyl siding prices for thickness of .042 will cost you 1.20 per square foot.
  • Premium vinyl siding prices can range anywhere from 2.25 all the way up to 5.50 per square foot of vinyl siding.

Talking About Vinyl Siding Costs And Quality

The top three contributors in vinyl siding quality price levels are wind resistance, fade resistance and thickness. The thickness of vinyl siding will run in the range of .035 to .055 to as high as .080-.090 for vinyl shake siding and staggered edge siding. The fact of the matter is, that the thicker products can run almost twice the price of the thinner ones considered to be the cheaper grades. The thickness of the siding is vital to prevent warping and cracking of the siding due to bad weather conditions and the person installing the siding should carefully explain this and other climate zone considerations.

Because the life of the siding is directly affected by harsh weather in some conditions, wind resistance and fade resistance are critical factors to consider when purchasing vinyl siding. Those living in areas where high winds are a constant visitor should certainly opt for double hem mounting as opposed to the single hem option. It will of course initially cost more but over the long run will require less replacement siding and repairs to be done.

Premium Style Vinyl Siding Costs

Vinyl siding premium styles such as staggered edge, board and batten, half round shingles, beaded vinyl siding, or cedar shake usually feature random patterns and have deeper features. Ultimately the appearance of real wood is the end result. This option will generally run almost double the price of the cheap siding being offered.

Installation Costs Of Vinyl Siding

Things to think about when factoring the cost of vinyl siding, should realize vinyl siding prices presented to you online are for actual purchase from the home center and have nothing to do with the cost of labor you would expect to get from siding contractor. There a lot of variable to consider to get an exact ballpark price. However, the best thing to do is get at least three bids from local siding contractors and review each one with careful consideration.