What You Should Know About Vinyl Siding Prices?

When buying vinyl siding, you can’t give a specific figure because the cost of vinyl siding depends on the type of material you will be buying. It might even change on the reputation of the company that you are buying from. Some people tend to do everything on their own and some prefer to have professionals do their job. In either case, you will have to spend some money that will be in thousands but your main goal should be to have the work completed without any problems and perfect results. Here are a few things that you should check mark one by one when getting quotes on vinyl siding prices.

The Material Being Used

Make sure that you are getting the right material installed, which means you will need to look at the thickness of your siding. Having thin siding installed usually means you’ll end up seeing imperfections in your exterior walls and thinner siding is more prone to cracks and warping. It is recommended that you choose anything thicker than 0.044 inches. Always talk to the team of professionals or the contractor about the thickness of the siding and remember, asking too many questions is not stupid.

Removal Of Old Siding

Maybe you just forgot about the old siding on your house. If you are renovating your house, you will probably have to remove the old siding, which can be wood siding, aluminum or vinyl siding etc. Therefore, the professionals who will be installing the new vinyl siding will charge you for the removal of your old siding as well. You will need a lot of negotiating and bargaining skills in order to keep your costs low.

The Company/Contractor Chosen

Of course, companies that have a better portfolio always use it to their benefit. They will show their track record and convince you into giving them the job. Most likely, they will charge you more for ending up with better results. To tackle with such a scenario, you are always recommended to research and find several companies. Get the quotes from at least three of them and then compare the costs and benefits involved. But remember, the cheapest does not mean it is the best for you.

The Size Of Your House

Finally, the most important part is played by the size of your house. The bigger the house, the higher the costs of installation will be. Most of the times, the cost is between 2 dollars to 7 dollars for a linear foot. Now, calculate the total exterior area of your entire house and you can calculate how much it will cost you to cover your entire house with vinyl siding.

An Easy Calculation

Suppose your house is ten feet tall. The width of your house is 20 feet and its length is 50 feet. To calculate the complete area that needs to be clad with vinyl siding is fourteen hundred sq ft (10,000sq ft). We have calculated this by multiplying (W x H x L =). Whatever answer you get, you will multiply with the height of your house, which in this example is ten feet. Now you can multiply the total square feet of your house with per linear foot cost of installation.