Wood VS Vinyl Siding Prices

If you’re contemplating wood vs vinyl siding prices — vinyl siding wins by a landslide. Nobody can argue the fact that wood siding will always remain a top favorite. With it’s timeless appeal and looks, it no wonder why many still prefer wood siding — until they compare the siding costs between vinyl and wood siding. On the one hand with wood siding, comes a lot of maintenance to keep up with the original look it once had after installation. Whether that be either, staining or painting wood siding, it still needs a fresh coat every 7-10 years. However on the other hand, with vinyl siding, you don’t have to worry about rot, termites, painting or staining, and the maintenance for vinyl siding is next to nothing or a simple wash with a garden hose every so often.

Let’s crunch some numbers and compare wood vs vinyl siding prices

In my example, I’m going to compare clapboard siding which is a popular type of wood siding, to a popular clapboard style vinyl siding. I’ll also use a typical 2,000 square foot home as my price base on square footage. Also, keep in mind that the installation process from start to finish for wood siding is much longer, as apposed to having vinyl siding installed.

Vinyl siding prices that include materials and installation:

  • From standard to premium thickness of clapboard D-4 type of vinyl siding – you should expect pricing to range from 3.75-5.50 per square foot to install vinyl siding. Also remember, vinyl siding already has the color you choose, no need to paint. There’s also no need to paint or stain in the future, or the worry of rot, chipping or pealing.
  • So on a 2,000 square foot home you’re looking at: 7,500.00 — 11,000.00

Wood siding prices that factor in installation costs and either paint or stain prices:

  • Clapboard cedar wood siding comes in a 6″inch beveled profile and in lengths of 4,6,8,10,12,14,16′ this helps reduce waste and to stagger your butt end joints.
  • Here in Boston, MA. you should expect to pay a siding contractor to install this type of wood siding at roughly 6.75-7.50
  • Using the numbers above, this would put you in the range of: 13,500.00 — 15,000.00
  • Then add on paint with primer at 2.25 per square foot will add to your wood siding installation price of: 4,500.00
  • With a grand total of: 18,000 — 19,500.00

As you can see, there’s quite a big difference when comparing wood siding vs vinyl siding prices — almost double the costs! This price comparison also doesn’t factor in the upkeep of wood siding. It all comes down to preference and what type of neighborhood you live in. Wood siding will always be my first choice in siding if I can spare the extra costs.